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Irrigation Tubes

An irrigation tube is a 1” aluminum tube that is welded vertically inside of the container allowing your irrigation system to be installed.. Irrigation tubes provide our customers quicker install times and easier upkeep.

Drainage Fittings

Installed at the base of the container , drainage fittings redirect water to a plumbed drain. They are a 90 degree elbow that allows your plumber to install quickly. Ideal for areas that can not get wet.

Drip Trays

Installed at the base of the container, drip trays are designed to catch water and are an alternative to plumbing to a drain. Drip trays need to be monitored and emptied regularly. Adding drip tays will allow you to install your planters anywhere.


installed at the base of the container , Casters allow for the easy movement of containers on a flat smooth surface.

Adjustable Feet

Installed at the base of the container, Adjustable feet allow your installers to level the container on unlevel surfaces.

Surface Mounts

Surface Mounts are welded and installed at the base of the container. Surface mounts allow installers to secure planters to a deck or surface preventing tipping and moving of the containers.

Custom Accessories​

This means if any of these accessories are needed you will need to select the green Make it Custom button at the bottom of the product screen or the green Get A Quote button at the top of the screen near Contact Us.

LED lighting

Brighten up your landscape at night with bright LED’s. We can install these on the majority of our planters and even on benches.

All LED purchases will come with a transformer to run your LED’s.

Speaker Box

Design and build your speaker box into your planters. Let us know the dimensions and we will fabricate the speaker box for you.

Blue Tooth Speaker

Order blue tooth speakers to go with that speaker box we just fabricated. Play music while gardening or entertaining your guests.

Powder Coated Trellis

Want an aluminum powder coated Trellis? Add this on to your planter and we will powder coat it to match your planters.