Right Angle Planters

Brighten up the darkest corners with our Right Angle Planters. Carefully designed to continue around sharp corners, our right angle planters complete your landscaping design.

Utilizing our highly skilled fabricators we can customize your planters to any shape, size, paint, or powder coat color of your choice. Click here to make it happen.

All right angle planters are designed with drain holes, but we can remove this feature if desired.

Customization and Accessories​


Chose from one of several colors and textures. In addition to our most popular colors, we can customize your order for just about any color desired.


Custom irrigation, LED lights, casters, and sound systems. If you can dream it, we can add it.

Shapes and Sizes

Does your Oasis require planters of different sizes, shapes, or dimensions? We can build our planters to your exact specification.

Right Angle Planter

Our catalog products allow our customers to choose from three sizes and three types of metal (aluminum, mild steel, and corten).

1” Skid and Drain Holes

Small– 33”L x 13”W x 13”H

Medium– 35”L x 17” W x 17”H

Large– 37”L x 19” W x 23”H

Look at our color options before requesting your quote.

Make it custom.

Don’t see what you need? No problem. We can customize any of our planters or design completely new ones – just for you! We offer complete custom fabrication services. Click the button below to make your dream oasis a reality.