Oasis Creations CAD Design Services

Are you in need of professional CAD (Computer-Aided Design) services? Look no further! At Oasis Creations, we offer a full range of CAD services to help bring your ideas to life.


Our team of experienced professionals is proficient in various CAD software programs and has a strong track record of delivering high-quality, accurate designs for a wide range of industries. The accuracy of your custom project is important to us because it’s important to you, and we’re committed to providing timeless, quality products to every customer.

See Our Portfolio of CAD Projects

We know how helpful it is to see each step of the process. Browse a few of our CAD projects below to get a better understanding of how computer-aided design works.

Wire Work
Ornamental Ironwork

Some of the benefits of using our CAD services include:

Increased Efficiency

Our team of designers can help streamline your design process, saving you time and resources. CAD software can eliminate redundancies along the way to provide you with results sooner.

Improved Accuracy

We use the latest software and techniques to ensure that your designs are accurate and meet all necessary specifications. Every line, angle, and color is precise thanks to CAD.

Enhanced Visualization

Our 3D modeling capabilities allow you to see your designs in detail, giving you a better understanding of how your finished product will look and function.

Greater Flexibility

Our team can work with you to make changes and adjustments to your designs as needed, allowing for greater flexibility throughout the design process. You’ll save time and money thanks to the ease with which CAD allows you to explore alternatives.

How CAD is Different Than Designing by Hand

Curious to know how CAD is more precise than designing by hand? After all, some of the greatest architectural structures of all time were drafted by hand. While those masterpieces have withstood years of weathering thanks to sound design and fabrication, they could have been finished sooner and with fewer design overlays if CAD had existed before the 1960s.


Simply put, there’s less room for error when using a computer program that implements mathematical algorithms instead of relying on traditional tools for sketching a project blueprint. Don’t like a particular element of what’s been designed? With a few clicks, we can erase it without leaving a mark. Other differences include:

Thanks to decades of development, today’s CAD applications reduce how much time is spent producing quality designs that lead to quality products.

Best Uses for Computer-Aided Design

CAD is a diverse tool for anyone who works in design, whether it’s architecture or product manufacturing. Across industries including graphic design and engineering, CAD is ideal for use by engineers and fabricators to ensure a design makes sense and can be properly executed. Some of the best uses for CAD include:

If you don’t know which metal will give you the look you want, our experts can guide you to the right choice.

Is Your Project the Right Fit?

Not sure if what you’re envisioning is the right fit for using Computer Aided Design? Chances are if you want to create something three-dimensional, Oasis Creations can make it happen with CAD. Before you commit to fabricating and installing custom decor, see what it will look like from all angles without having to produce a prototype. 


Learn how the CAD process has made projects easier for some of our clients. For projects big or small, Oasis is committed to providing the end product you envisioned.

Let’s Collaborate

In addition to our CAD services, we also offer engineering consulting, prototyping, and manufacturing support to help bring your ideas from concept to reality.

Contact us today to learn more about how our CAD services can benefit your business. Our team is always ready to answer any questions you may have and help you get started on your next project. Let us be your partner in creating the designs of your dreams.